Monday, November 30, 2009

Dicks of the non-swingin' variety...

We've established that you can't buy soul, right? It's not about how you look, what you drive, how many bucks you have, etc.. Call it what you want, "soul", "game", mojo", whatever, it's not for sale! It's something you just feel, and if you don't, doesn't make you a bad person. Your soul level can be determined by how you answer one question: "Who would you rather drink beer with, Tom Cruise or Willy Nelson?"


  1. It's Tom Cruise, right??? Did I get it? Also, why isn't Oprah on the 'drink beer' list? That must be the super-secret answer that only the MAJOR swingin' dicks know about....

  2. No contest. Willie won't just drink a beer with ya, he'll probably roll up a doobie onehanded. By the way, Barbarosa kills any "film" Cruise has ever made.

  3. Oh Man, when that bullet grazes his face and goes thru his hat! An Ass Kicker for sure!


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