Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Great Mexican Food in San Diego (part one)

I was born in National City California in 1964. I've spent my entire life 15 - 20 minutes from the Mexican border, so I know a few things about living in a border town. One thing is for sure, I have eaten A LOT of Mexican food. And I can say without a doubt that for the best Mexican food, no city is better than San Diego.

And for authentic, cheap, fresh Mexican food, nothing (NOTHING) beats Las Cuatros Milpas
This tiny, well worn eatery is located near Chicano Park, just under the Coronado Bridge, and right down the street from Two Roses Tattoo. I had lunch there today and as usual it was perfect....
Whenever you make it down to San Diego, call any of the Dicks and we'll join you for a bowl of beans and a tamale! Oh, and be prepared to wait in a line...

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