Monday, June 20, 2011

Epic Ride Through the Eastern Sierra...

To escape the turmoil that is my life, I spent the weekend of June 11 and 12 (my birthday weekend) touring U.S. 395 up to Mammoth Lakes to do some fishing, drinking, and relaxing. The drinking part went pretty well, I didn't catch any fish, and I would have relaxed had the FLH not shit itself 400 miles from home! Some of you may recall that my engine has always sounded a little like a rotating BINGO ball cage, but this time the inevitable happened. I think the 32 year old main bearing gave up the ghost...Thanks God for AAA! Don't judge too harshly, it was STILL an amazing trip. Because the bottom line is, I love to ride!
Kramer Junction in the desert...Shovel still running fine at this point!

NOTHING beats a solo road trip....

Convict Lake....Beautiful, but no fucking fish!

Let's hear it for AAA for picking up the tab on this Dodge 4X4!

I have driven or ridden by this place for years and never stopped. This time I did. What a waste! $10 for a tiny piece of jerky and $20 for a jar of honey! Really Dudes?

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  1. Great pics and nice ride... got to get me to the good ol' USA one day for a ride... the scenery is breathtaking


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