Monday, July 25, 2011

Long Beach Moto Swap..

LBMS went OFF yesterday! This event is a monthly gig and I get giddy as a schoolgirl when it's time to head north with my saved up milk money! Saw many cool bikes and many cool friends. Ok, so here is the weekend haul.

First off, I'm queer for old tools. So when I found this 1940's drill press, I had to have it. I stole it for $75 bucks and it works flawlessly.

But these are the real treasures. These are cast Al  18" X 4.25" Sun wheels. 18"! Weird! I picked these up for $30 a piece. Went online to see what they go for. They're made in California at Buchanan Spoke and they retail for $297 per!


  1. You totally beat to them. I'll take those rims off your hands if you decide to sell em or trade you for a another wheel!!!!!

  2. Let's talk Wompy. Oscar and I are collaborating on an EVO chop. I might be needing your wiring skills. Looking forward to BeerBooters in August!

  3. Cool!!! I just need one....

  4. is that an atlas drill press?


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