Thursday, July 21, 2011

Swingin' Events Coming Up! We're goin', are you?

 Long Beach Cycle Swap. Bring your money, be prepared to see the coolest and the gayest bikes in the world...This Sunday...July 24.

Salt Ghost Premier. Come watch Wes White and Tyler Malinky go fast! In the film I mean...

Beer Booters Internet Chopper Hero Jamboree at Wompy's house. This goes off the day the Dicks get back from Bonneville! I'm bringin' salt!!!!

El Camino Vintage Parts Swap and Bike Show! Go to this for no other reason than Shinya Kimura goes every year and you might get a chance to meet him!!!

Slab City Riot 2011!!!! DO NOT MISS THIS! There are no words to describe how rad this event is! Last year I watched the rock show with a 75 year old meth head, epic! I LOVE the Biltwell guys!

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