Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Slab City Riot/Operation Illusive Unicorn

So now the whole world knows the story. The over reaction of the BLM and the Imperial County Sheriff leading to the cancellation of the Slab City Riot, ONE day before the event!!! And the heroic efforts of Bill, McGoo, Mike D, and the rest of the Biltwell staff to offer a PLAN B to the great unwashed throngs (myself included) who selfishly  look to these guys for annual life changing events. Once again, they delivered! Operation Illusive Unicorn was a complete blast! My head STILL hurts!
The ride through the mountains got a little chili...

Shawn for Canada blows a tire and get too much help..

Big Oscar in the foreground....Wes watering the vegetation...

Cindy and Fredo...

Jasmin (the most dangerous woman on the planet) and her "Unicorpse"..

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Beer Booter Terry after the cops let him go.

Great friends and great times!!

Charred meat!

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